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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 40 Acre Conservation League is a land conservancy with a mission to conserve land and empower underrepresented communities to use these lands for recreation, enjoyment, and to participate as entrepreneurs in the outdoor economy.
  • We are acquiring land to both conserve and create economic opportunities for all people, including people of color, in the outdoors. 
  • Opportunities may include participation in California’s outdoor recreation economy (worth $97 billion) and agricultural economy (worth $56 billion).
  • A nonprofit organization that actively works to permanently protect land in its undeveloped, natural state. This is known as “conservation.”
  • 40 Acre Conservation League is a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) non profit organized as a public charity and is not “owned.” Nonprofits are managed by stakeholders, in this case, our Board of Directors. 
  • A conservation easement is a voluntary, legal agreement (usually between a landowner and a land trust) that permanently limits how the land can be used in order to protect nature, open space, wildlife, agricultural uses, or limit development of the land.
  • Taxpayers may be able to claim a charitable deduction for donating real property, or certain interests in
    real property that restrict how land or buildings can be used. These types of donations are referred to as
    qualified conservation contributions, and include conservation easements, which effectively provide
    recipients with a right to use someone’s land for conservation purposes.
  • Our initial acquisitions are taking place in California but we are exploring acquisitions in other states also.
  • We have an interest in large acreage (250+ acres) land acquisitions in proximity (within 150 miles) to urban areas.
  • 40 Acre Conservation League is with support from public and private donations.
  • We serve all communities and all people. We also recognize that Black Land Loss has resulted in a substantial economic impact of at least $326 billion since 1910. 
  • We look forward to providing workforce training opportunities on our land in farming, forestry, conservation practices, and sustainability.
  • Contact us at if you have an interest in donating a conservation easement or parcel for conservation.


Please feel free to use the form to  contact us with any questions or queries.