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Be a champion for the environment. 🌲


We are pioneers rooted in faith,

And reimagining what it means to connect in harmony through nature, return to our roots, and reclaim our peace… 

We’re eager to bridge the urban rural divide to inspire more access to God’s creation. 

Our mission is to empower deeper, more diverse connections to the land and sustainable participation in the outdoor economy. 

We believe that building generational prosperity must include conscientious land ownership, paving the way for sustainable stewardship. 

We ignite joy through adventure and connection.

Our goals are ambitious. We recognize the opportunity that lies ahead to create spaces for all to enjoy. 

We welcome all in this mission to breathe in freedom with us and reap the mental, physical and emotional benefits of a life lived in harmony with nature.


Welcome Back to the Land.

OUR purpose

To acquire and conserve natural and working lands toward fostering greater 
human connections to nature, especially among underrepresented groups.

OUR vision

Eliminating land ownership as a barrier to participation in the outdoor

Wellness, ownership, & intergenerational empowerment
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We’re on a mission to protect our environment and empower folks with access to recreational and economic opportunities on lands we acquire. 

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