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Greenbook Initiative

Nature needs a new generation of entrepreneurs, hustlers, and doers with a sustainability mindset.

Reimagining what it means to:

Organize and diversify the next generation of nature advocates

Nature needs more advocates, which means that more of nature needs to be present in the lives of people.

Purchase and Protect 10,000 acres of the most idyllic natural places

Protecting and enjoying nature are no mutually exclusive.

Create sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities

The outdoor recreation and sustainability market size is nearly $100 billion in California alone!

We need entrepreneurs/hustlers who are interested in generating wealth by creating, starting, and innovating eco-enterprises!

Do you know someone who has an interest in learning or participating in sustainable business opportunities in the outdoor economy? Get on our list!

Provide enjoyable, relaxing, curious experiences in Nature that are welcoming, safe, and inclusive

We’re arranging a marriage between nature and comfort, so that nature feels more like home, & so you’re inspired to protect home;

Wellness, ownership, & intergenerational empowerment
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We’re on a mission to protect our environment and empower folks with access to recreational and economic opportunities on lands we acquire. 

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